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About Tidewater Voices

Tidewater Voices

Tidewater/Hampton Roads …
A treasure trove of history and physical beauty defined by a unique cultural identity

Share your memories … tell your own stories …
In your own words, tell us about life in the Tidewater region!

Introducing an oral history and dialect project about life in the Tidewater region

Tidewater Voices: Conversations in Southeastern Virginia

Tidewater Voices is an oral history and dialect project will provide a living history that captures all that makes this fascinating region distinctive– in terms of language, culture, and history– from other parts of Virginia and the nation.

Your participation helps to create a collection of narratives that will forever tell the story of language and life in the Tidewater region. This oral history research project seeks to answer questions such as the following:

What does it mean to be a native of the Tidewater region?
How has the area changed over the years?
What are the key moments in the history of the area?

I and my students invite you, the residents of this region and the true experts on its culture and history, to share your knowledge of the Tidewater region with us and with the world!

We will record conversations in which participants share their everyday experiences and recollections about life in Tidewater. Recordings will be archived and available to the general public.  You may withdraw your oral history at any time, for any reason.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about our work or about your part in it.
Thank you for your participation! May our stories live forever!