I serve as an associate professor of English and Applied Linguistics at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. I am a sociolinguist specializing in acoustic phonetics and language variation. Incorporating research and service learning into my pedagogical practices I treasure every moment spent in the classroom. I also direct Tidewater Voices, a community language and oral history project, which allows the people of the Tidewater region to tell their own stories, in their own words and language.

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(Updated 2/3/2016)


Associate Professor, Department of English and Program in Applied Linguistics, Old Dominion University, Spring 2009-present.

 Honors and Awards

2006     Delta Sigma Lambda, Ruth Harrell Favorite Professor Award
2008     State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), Outstanding Faculty Award,      “Rising Star” designee.
SCHEV Nomination Packet & Bio
SCHEV Press Release
ODU Courier Press Release

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